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Girls’ football is on the ‘keepy’- up!

We are pleased to announce that Ideal Complex Care is now a proud sponsor of Southwick Rangers Girls’ Football Team! For ages 6-12, Southwick Rangers are a new, fresh team with a great deal of potential and lots of keen players.

Girl’s and Women’s football has seen lots of growth in the media this past year, with there being plenty of progression and an abundance of attention around the recent World Cup. At Ideal Complex Care, we’re honoured to be a part of the positive growth for girls and women in sport, and believe girls joining teams should be encouraged in schools and communities.

Southwick Rangers is coached by our very own Deputy Manager, Lisa, who is very proud of her girls’ team; ‘There are a great group of players in the new girls’ team! I’m proud to be coaching them this season’.

Playing local tournaments and matches against other community teams and schools, we’re sure they’ll be netting victories soon enough!

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